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i_o In My Head

i_o draws attention towards mental health with new release, ‘In My Head’

“Am I ok? Am I ok?” — a powerful question crossing most people’s minds these days, and now being reflected on by American DJ and producer i_o in his new release “In My Head.”

Comprised of two parts, “In My Head (Part I)” and “In My Head (Part II),” this release represents a vulnerable introspection through the artist’s feelings in the face of a global pandemic and an increasing uncertainty in the worldwide state of affairs. Both parts feature a dreamy piano lead, blending with melancholic synths, the entrancing lyrics: “Am I ok? Just dancing in my head,” and a softer type of beat, which makes them perfect for the after hours or a late night drive.

Beyond expressing just a fleeting frustration about the pandemic, this song touches on a deeper existential crisis; confronting listeners with perhaps uncomfortable questions about the things people are avoiding or denying about the current reality on a regular basis. As the artist states on his Instagram:

I wrote this song before going on the EDC live stream. I’d been going to bed at dawn every day for months and without any future plans or anything on the calendar. I, like most people, began to wonder if this was it. Was this what we were left with. It’s that feeling of realizing what’s in your head and what’s in reality don’t always line up and how low you’re willing to let things get before you are willing to acknowledge that maybe it’s your own expectation that’s causing this depression.

The tracks first premiered during the virtual EDC livestream, and “In My Head” was released on Armada Music in late September and is available for purchase on Beatport.

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