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Illenium taps just a gent, LYNZ TYNZ, Moti, and more for “Nightlight” remixes

Featured photo: Alexandra Gavillet

After releasing a successful remix series earlier this year, Illenium (Nicholas Miller) follows suit with another diverse remix compilation of his latest single “Nightlight.” It features an array of different genres as well as artists LYNZ TYNZ, MOTi, Ray Volpe, and Just A Gent, each of whom takes on the challenge of recreating Illenium’s latest project.

Completely submerging the listener into deep synth melodic soundscapes, every artist showcases their unique sound design and musical taste in a way that’s guaranteed to crown the songs as dance-floors groovers for years to come. Ray Volpe shows us a more harmonic dubstep version for his remix, while Just A Gent presents listeners to a cacophony of classic dub energies and MOTi toys with the concepts of synth-led groove-house. LYNZ TYNZ finishes off the compilation with a classic hard-style remix of the “Nightlight.”

Throughout Illenium’s career in the music industry, he has time and time again given a platform for many talented up and coming musicians–and this latest volume is no different. Both new and established artists are given the chance to level the playing field and present a variety of talents, highlighting the impact that headliners can have when they make a real space for those around them.

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