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Jaenga creates a storm with new release ‘Rain’ via Deadbeats

Patrick McDevitt, known professionally as Jaenga in the electronic music scene, has unleashed a flood of hype among fans with the release of his new track “Rain” via Deadbeats. As a producer, Jaenga consistently nails a classic yet extremely wild style on every creation he releases. This unique taste in production of his brings a breath of fresh air to what many consider the original dubstep sound. 

As a new single, “Rain” drops a whole ocean of filthy wubs on Deadbeats’ already killer collection of music. The track has an almost ethereal melody that transitions perfectly into a liquid-like pair of nasty bass drops. Jaenga’s creative abilities earns him the right to be called a wizard, and his wicked tracks only get more dangerous and iconic as time goes by. 

As Jaenga moves steadily upward through the ranks of bass music, his releases speak for themselves in terms of skill and growing talent. “Rain” is no exception, and will likely prove with time to be a worthy addition to his already filthy discography.

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