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New Spotify feature enables searching with lyrics

Photo Credit: Bloomberg

“Can I get a song ID?”

Spotify has quietly rolled out another useful feature, and it’s one that’ll certainly come in handy for the more forgetful type. Users are now able to search for songs with just their best guess at the lyrics, typos and all. Upon simply typing the lyric in question into the search bar, songs with matching phrases will appear in the results, distinguished by the tag “Lyrics match.” A Spotify engineer took the liberty to announce the latest development on Twitter:

Source: Twitter / @linafab

It’s worth noting that Apple Music has offered this capability since 2018, and the technicalities of the feature still aren’t flawless. While the algorithm accommodates for alternative interpretations at times, simple misspellings will throw it off at others. For example, Blue Foundation’s “Eyes on Fire” (along with Zeds Dead‘s remix) will come up with both iterations of the word flay/filet in the first verse of the song. However, a common case of a your/you’re mix up will determine if Benny Benassi‘s “Cinema” will display in the results.

At any rate, the “lyrics search” feature will likely prove to add that extra convenience factor when using Spotify for music discovery. However, for more obscure finds and songs with little to no lyrics (or lyrics that are incomprehensible), programs like Google and Shazam will still surely be the best bet.

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