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Lane 8 reinvents CloZee’s track ‘Neon Jungle’

CloZee and Lane 8 have drastically different sounds, but their remixes of each other’s songs as of late have been a fun and incredible meld of the two styles. While Lane 8’s traditional house rhythms and CloZee’s slower, more transcendent harmonies seem contrasting, they manage to elevate the best parts of each others’ styles while simultaneously showcasing their own. After being recently featured on Lane 8’s Brightest Lights Remixed album with a spiritual edit of “Sunday Song,” CloZee is almost ready to drop the remix package of her summer masterpiece Neon Jungle.

“Neon Jungle,” as the titular album track, pays tribute to CloZee’s standard Eastern influences and heavenly vocals, as Lane 8 adds in some dark tropical house beats and a groove that deepens the song without overshadowing its original glory. It’s a dance floor ready version of the track, aimed more at high energy sets during all night parties. However, it still retains some of the more stand-out elements of the original; namely, the steady, fluid rises and drops and ringing tones.

Although Neon Jungle is already a flawless album, fans can look forward to the full length remix album and it’s unique takes on the songs to follow soon on Odyzey Music.

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