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Adventure Club & Cammie Robinson’s ‘Broken Love’ signals fourth single from long-awaited second LP

Adventure Club have been steadily releasing single throughout 2020. From “Rebellious” and “Back To You” to “High Like This” and now “Broken Love,” the recent ramp-up of releases has signaled to fans only one thing: A new album is on the horizon. Although Adventure Club has not officially confirmed a full-length release yet, the melodic dubstep pioneers did confirm a super album on their previous Superheroes Anonymous live stream with Digital Mirage back April. However, the dates indicated that July/August would be the rumored LP’s release.

The newest Cammie Robinson-assisted single, “Broken Love,” lends itself nicely to Adventure Club’s classic vocally-led melodic dubstep. The track features Robinson’s sultry vocals over the rumbling builds, harmonic chords, and euphoric drops that the Canadian duo is known for. Given the newest single’s official artwork and font, and the fact that all four records are out via Ultra Music, it’s not a stretch to pin the sauntering single as the fourth official release from Adventure Club’s long-awaited sophomore LP’s album rollout.

Adventure Club – Broken Love Ft. Cammie Robinson

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