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Gardella, DEWMBA, & Wreckno share gooey new collab on Mean Mug Music

If there’s one thing Wreckno‘s Bussy Boppers fanbase loves more than his spicy lyrics on a track, it’s the steady roster at Mean Mug Music. The swiftly-rising bass music collective, talent agency, and record label has been making waves in the underground community for several years now. Armed with an intention that is bent on “pushing the boundaries of transformational festival culture to the masses,” we can’t help but notice how perfectly their mission aligns with our own. Now past collaborators Wreckno and Gardella welcome on a new artist, Columbus’ Dewmba, for a wubby new number, “Gravity Glue.”

Just as its name would suggest, “Gravity Glue” invites the listener into gooey basslines, whomp-laden low-ends, and lyrical madness. The three-minute tune washes through the three distinct playgrounds of each artist’s sound—it’s a place where the highly experimental meets meticulously-crafted beats meets no-frills rhymes and rhythms. The highlight of the track is, of course, Wreckno’s intermittent lyrics that beg to be heard more. But also, it’s the kind of lyrical offering that doesn’t overtake the track but only works to compliment Gardella and Dewmba’s ingenious mixing and musical flow.

Gardella & Dewmba – Gravity Glue ft. Wreckno

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