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Tribal Alchemy – Slaves or Gods ft. Patrick Haize [EXCLUSIVE]

The Tribal Alchemy project was born from the intention of bringing ancient wisdom, beliefs, culture, and language into a modern context. After many years of travel to remote locations, living and creating with remote tribes, shamans, monks, and elders, he is sharing these experiences on a sonic palette that offers a glimpse into that ancient world. Now he’s teamed up with poet, inspirational speaker, and life coach Patrick Haize on “Slaves of Gods,” which lands as a Conscious Electronic Exclusive.

The track inspires listeners to contemplate a number of belief systems that we’re currently living in currently, while contrasting them with the ones needed to live more sustainably, more connected with one another, and more spiritually in tune with the earth. Haize’s lyricism both poignant and potent is delivered with a musical intuition that powerfully synergizes with not only the music but also with the minds and emotions of the listener.

With ancient instrumentation, low-end bass, and breakbeat stylings layered underneath, Tribal Alchemy brings Haize’s powerful message across time and space, reminding listeners these are the sounds that hold many keys to our heritage and forgotten wisdom of the ancients. In other words, we already know the answer. The two artists are simply reminding listeners of what’s buried deep inside.

Tribal Alchemy – Slaves or Gods ft. Patrick Haize [CE Exclusive]

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