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The wait is over: Prydz releases highly-anticipated follow-up to ‘Opus’ with ‘Nopus’

If there’s one thing Eric Prydz has mastered, it’s building theatrical levels of anticipation around his releases. Such is the case with “NOPUS,” the highly-anticipated follow-up to his iconic 2015 track, “OPUS,” which landed on his debut artist album. The progressive maestro debuted “NOPUS” as the close-out number to his EDC Las Vegas set in 2016. Now, over four years later, Prydz has pulled the track out of his extensive vault of unreleased material.

“NOPUS” is built rightfully around Prydz’s highly-recognizable releases. From the outset, fans are introduced to Prydz’s signature snares, atmospheric pads, and patiently uplifting progressions. Much like its sister track, “NOPUS” also takes listeners on a symphonic odyssey of sorts—through euphoric highs, calming lows, and interstellar soundscapes immersing from every vantage point. The journey all comes to head at the song’s intoxicating climactic point, one that leaves listeners floating in the clouds wanting never to come back down to earth.

As for the sequel track, which roughly translates to “Not Opus,” it certainly feels as though Erydz has pulled another Magnum Opus out of his bag of tricks. Eric Prydz shares the motivation behind the record:

In 2015, I made a track called ‘Opus’…I actually made it to play as the last track of my set at EDC Las Vegas, the big festival in Las Vegas, and then obviously the track became a huge success, and the next year people were talking about, ‘Oh, I wonder what new track he’s going to play last in his EDC set this year.’ Which kind of made me feel like, ‘Ooh, I kind of… I need to pull out something special here.'”

Eric Prydz

Stream “NOPUS,” along with the track’s seven-minute extended cut, below. In addition, be sure to check out the official “NOPUS” music video, which features Prydz’s mind-blogging live HOLO production.

Eric Prydz – NOPUS

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