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pluko releases genre-defying new EP, ‘BABY BLUE’

The teen bedroom producer-turned-Foreign Family protégé has brightened up everyone’s feed with his latest EP, BABY BLUE. Pennsylvania-native Sam Martinsen, more widely known as pluko, bundles a selection of previously released music with two fresh tracks for an invigorating collection of sub-three-minute soundbytes.

Kicking off the EP is one of his latest, “blue”, featuring tuned-up ear candy vocals juxtaposed against a rattling bass synth, and, for good measure, a token Alan Watts sample as an ode to Foreign Family founders ODESZA. Other highlights on the record include the high-intensity “TIME + ENERGY”, and “redux”, a track littered with trap rhythms and screeching synths that sounds like it could’ve come straight off of Flume‘s latest mixtape.

BABY BLUE comes just months after pluko’s sophomore album, COLOR BLIND, which followed his critically-acclaimed 2018 debut sixteen. From the melancholy pop sounds of “blue” and “sunset” to the gritty overdrives of “TIME + ENERGY” and “the sound”, BABY BLUE is all over the place in terms of genre and style, with Martinsen’s raw expression being the thread pulling it all together. With this EP, it becomes clear the young producer is not confined by genre specifics and standards, but rather guided by gut and impulse, positioning him as a standout among a new wave of electronic artists.

pluko – Baby Blue

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