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Karim Alkhayat and Who Is Hush deliver total peak hour techno bomb, ‘Valhalla’ EP

Syrian-born, Dubai-based producer Karim Alkhayat has teamed up with Miami native, Who Is Hush, to deliver an absolute dance floor bomb in the form of a four-track EP, titled Valhalla. This is not the first time the two collaborate to create peak hour gems. Some of their prior releases together include “I Want Some Acid” released under Reload Records, which made it to the hype chart on Beatport, as well as “State of Consciousness” from Voltage Records.

Valhalla opens with the self-titled track, instantly captivating the audience with mysterious rhythms, deep growling synths, and haunting vocals. Next in the EP is “Hypnotic,” a wonderful journey through deliciously repetitive arps, leading to a climactic drop punctuated by glitched vocals and a cinematic atmospheric lead. The track was also reimagined by Freak Unique who put a distinctive touch with this remix. The closing track, “Space and Matter,” delivers a jaw-dropping filthy bass type lead and recited vocals, making it a hard to overlook song.

Valhalla is currently a Beatport exclusive EP, released on Ramon Tapia’s label Say What? Records.

Karim Alkhayat x Who Is Hush – Valhalla EP

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