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Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan team up on Mad Decent with ‘Anything’

As friends, collaborators, and accredited pioneers of modern dance music, Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan have become forces-to-be-reckoned-with in the larger commercial space. Although their respective styles were raised by the influence of different cultures, the shared synchronicity between Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan is palpable. Now the two forces have come together in earnest on their atmospheric single, titled Anything, a collaborative effort out now on Diplo’s heavyweight record label Mad Decent.

While Alison Wonderland was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and Valentino Khan found his footing in Los Angeles, the power of electronic music was a conduit to their creative relationship and impending single. With a career that spans over the course of a decade, Alison Wonderland has forever changed the landscape of dance music. The electro-pop starlet manipulates fragments of heavy-hitting electronica, intergalactic synths, and her own crystalline vocal work to define the fabric of her signature sound. Those elements are heard on “Anything,” which is sure to send a shotgun blast into the EDM atmosphere.

Alison Wonderland & Valentino Khan – Anything

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