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Ableton Live 11 will see early 2021 release

Photo Credit: Ableton Live

After releasing a beta earlier this year to content producers and registered Ableton 10 users, the impeccable engineering team behind Ableton is set to release the flagship version of their digital workstation in the early months of 2021. Coming jam-packed with a bustling amount of new features such as the new comping, live tempo tracking, and a heavy arsenal of new sounds, it is set to be one of the most interesting updates the DAW has seen in terms of fluidity and user variability.

Succeeding it’s 2018 predecessor, Ableton 11’s comping feature seems to be a shining component among the recent array of updates. Although not necessarily groundbreaking in the world of DAWs, this long-awaited update focuses on improving the artist’s workflow by instantly adding variability. This feature allows for multiple takes to be recorded across multiple tracks while having the ability to post-process them individually and splice each sample back for the perfect take. This could be used as a starting point for fast and unpredictable sound design to stitching together the perfect vocal recording; all taken from one source signal.

Ableton also once again showcases to DAW-users that they remain highly competitive in the world of live performance. With live tempo tracking, artists can now set a live instrument as the tempo control source, allowing for preset portions of your live project such as filters and FX to remain in sequence with whatever instrument is taking the lead. This greatly improves the programs ‘jam-ability’ as what used to be only static moments of your audio sequences such as FX and filters are transformed into groove-laden audio candies.

Additionally, Ableton 11 will allow producers to add more ‘feeling’ into their tracks through their MPE support (MIDI Polyphonic Expression). This allows for pitch bends, note variations, slides, and more that will breathe life into your pre-recorded MIDI tracks; all done internally inside of Ableton and can be adjusted by levels and sensitivity. From your drum breaks to your programmed leads, this will be revolutionary in many types of workflows.

Not only is Ableton 11 proving to be even more competitive in the performance realm of music, they are also upping the anti in the world of organic VSTs and instruments that is set to be on par with many Kontakt sample libraries. A whole orchestras worth of organic brass and woodwind instruments, quality percussion elements, and sample-based stringed instruments are being added at the final release of Ableton 11 that is sure to satisfy the most hardened hybrid trap producer to the most experienced movie score and screen composer.

The new version of Ableton will also come with tools such Hybrid Reverb, Spectral Resonator, Spectral Time, Pitch Loop 89, and Inspired by Nature that delve into more of the experimental side of Ableton’s virtual instruments and effects. If you want to learn more about Ableton’s dazzling new bells and whistles, take a peep here or watch the walkthrough below.

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