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Introducing LIGHTCODE: LSDREAM debuts newly-minted downtempo side-project on SSQWAN


Here at Conscious Electronic, we love all things bass — breakbeat, downtempo, left-field, experimental, dubstep in all its forms, you name it. As the underground bass movement has begun its full ascendancy in the US, we’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of up-and-coming bass artists the country over. As such, CE’Rising Bass Spotlight seeks to shine a light onto the rising producers who’re honing their craft, galvanizing their movements, and attuning eyes, ears, heads, and bodies into all things low end.

While the world has been reeling from the hardships of 2020, and reorienting our daily lives around an ongoing pandemic, LSDREAM is here to tell bass music fans that the human race is right in the thick of a mass consciousness shift. The WAKAAN favorite, known to his inner circle as Sami Diament, has been releasing under Liquid Stranger‘s banner since his career switch from Brillz more than two years ago. Through it all, the folks at Conscious Electronic have taken notice.

From his 2018 debut album, Renegades of Light, which was named under our Top Albums of 2018 shortlist, to the launch of his Alchemy mixtape series in 2019, which was included as a Midweek Mantra Mix, to LSDREAM’s inclusion on CE‘s Top 25 consciously-attuned artists list, we’ve watched Daiment transform from trap, party-boy duckling to an enlightened swan of an artist whose musical mission aligns perfectly with our own. That is, to “provide a conscious way to consume dance music.”

More recently, LSDREAM has launched an IGTV mini-series on his Instagram Stories wherein Diament talks through his awakening journey into self-healing and self-love. We loved the episodes so much, in fact, that LSDREAM became the inaugural artist on CE‘s newest written series, Conscious Creators. In the self-recorded talks, Daiment says the following of his daily meditations and conscious lifestyle practices. “I start[ed] feeling more comfortable in my body,” he says in one episode,” and I realize, ‘Okay, I’m powerful but I’m still sensitive and I can be vulnerable’… and I start embracing all aspects of myself.'”

All of a sudden, this space opens up [and] I’m starting to get the benefits… and I’m starting to get all this insight… and my heart starts opening up and I’m resonating with love… and I’m not interested in these earthy things like drama and fear… and I start reprogramming and start to find the humor in my journey and my struggle and all the bullshit that happened to me.”

Photo courtesy of LSDREAM/Facebook.

As Daiment continues along his path towards enlightenment, he’s taken to a more subdued style of music production that gleans more downtempo than psybass or anything else. One peek into LSDREAM’s social pages and fans can find Daiment in his Los Angeles home studio recording soothing samples of the rain from his window or striking soft tones on his Tibetan singing bowl.

Just look to LSDREAM’s ambient-leaning Cosmic Sound Bath set while out at Okeechobee this past March. During the guided meditation, LSDREAM worked to effectively slow down the brain waves of his audience, allowing their bodies to relax and their thoughts to be stripped away. “We had 300 beautiful humans meditating, healing, and traveling into the astral dimension together as one,” said LSDREAM of the experience. “The energy radiating from this tent was THICCC!”

Throughout quarantine, LSDREAM has even been recording meditational frequencies under a brand new downtempo side-project. Introducing: LIGHTCODE, Daiment’s newly-minted alias that strives to bring his psychedelic bass audience into a softer, more intuitive self-awareness. It’s a newfound sonic stamp that falls perfectly in line with the sounds of SSQWAN, the recently-launched sister label to Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN.

As LIGHTCODE, Daiment has released a four-track EP on the label entitled THE EGREGORE. It’s a meditation project in four parts. With the first three tracks, each clocking in around 20 minutes, LIGHTCODE moves listeners through grounding and opening frequencies. Touching on varying tones of chakral alignment, the three offerings are meant to be mini-meditations.

He moves listeners through the solfeggio tones of 396 Hz, for root chakra centering and shedding feelings of guilt, into the softer, brighter tones of 432 Hz, which is thought to provide greater clarity, and onto the frequency of health and longevity, or 528 Hz. Ultimately, Daiment is seeking to incite embodied presence for his fans. The EP then concludes with an hour-long mix of the three tracks for a longer, all-encompassing meditation. Take the important self-care time out of your day and give the entire EP a listen below.



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