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MUST LISTEN: Subtronics pays homage to his roots with dubstep throwback set in Chicago

As usual, Subtronics has delivered. The Philadelphia native and superstar dubstep newcomer has uploaded a unique throwback set that pays homage to his dubstep roots. Landing as a surprise gift to his hearty fanbase, the previously recorded live set was uploaded to a new SoundCloud page called Subtronics’ Extras. The curious profile, @cyclopsarmy, only boasts 1,500 followers thus far, so fans are choosing to believe that Subtronics has launched the unofficial profile to post exclusive content that his fans wouldn’t typically find on his official landing pages.

As the sole upload to the mystery-filled profile, the hour-and-thirty-minute set was recorded from a special dubstep throwback set that the heavy bass artist gave in Chicago last month. Subtronics prefaced the live DJ set, originally performed on October 24, saying that while the music may seem “downtempo” to his newer fans, it contains much of the heavy bass music that Kardon came of age with. Nonetheless, the set is sure to please old-school and new-school dubstep fans alike.

Surveying artists like Skream, Flux Pavilion, Emalkay, Cookie Monsta, and too many more to list, Subtronics is also sure to include many dubstep classics along the way. From Skrillex‘s “decade-old anthem, Scary Monsters & Nice SpritesExcision‘s 2009 remix of Ultrablack’s “Bear Trap,” to Borgore‘s “Birthday & The Black November,” Rusko‘s legendary remix of Kid Sister’s “Pro Nails,” and Doctor P‘s iconic take on Caspa‘s “Marmite,” the set is wrought with perfection. It also doubles as an important piece of educational content for learning about the re-birth of dubstep in the late aughts of the millennium to the early 2010s.

Arriving just after Subtronics’ recently-released String Theory EP, this is one throwback set that the Cyclops Army will be playing on repeat for years to come. Also view the full tracklist here.

Subtronics – Throwback Set (Chicago 10.24.2020)

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