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Zeds Dead release official music video for DMNO & GG Magree-assisted ‘Save My Grace’

When Zeds Dead released the fourth installment in their We Are Deadbeats label compilation, fans flocked to the Canadian duo’s collaboration with DNMO and GG Magree, “Save My Grace.” As the fifth track on the album, the melodic joint has been held up as one of their most prominent tracks in recent memory, with Deadbeats favorites um.. even releasing their heavy metal-leaning experimental take on the track this month. Now, “Save My Grace” has finally received the music video treatment it deserves.

With a cinematic cult-classic lad in, the official music video turns toward a starkly colored, crisply-animated storyline with horror film visual motifs. Taking listeners on a journey into an intriguingly strange world, the story explores the afterlife through B-roll montages, live-action scenes, and low fidelity clips. As viewers enter through death’s doorway to life’s next great adventure, POV scenes from one’s life flash before their very eyes as fond memories.

Inspired by the 1998 adventure game Grim Fandango, the Callum Wilchen Gillies-directed visual accompaniment builds an alternate reality for Zeds Dead fans to ponder the meaning of life through death as well as life after death.

Zeds Dead, DNMO, & GG Magree – Save My Grave (Official Music Video)

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