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Austin-based experimentalist STATX unveils wave-influenced bass cut, ‘Crash’ [PREMIERE]

As wave music continues to make its rounds in the cracks and fissures of the underground bass and techno scenes, a song comes along every now and then that completely stops you in your tracks. Such is the case with STATX’s “Crash,” a wave-influenced cut with touches of experimental bass. In any case, one thing that is becoming increasingly clear that the “wave” genre will soon be, at the risk of sounding cheesy, “making waves” across the larger dance music spectrum.

As for “Crash,” STATX says the record was originally produced as part of a “wave music challenge” by a local Austin-based producer collective called Feedback Alliance. The result is a short, nearly three-minute cut that only has one downside: we wish it was longer. Featuring glitchy synth-led melodies, heavy reverb, and rumbling basslines, the track takes listeners on a journey throughout its overall progression. It’s a journey that, much like its title, will get listeners lost in the corners of the mind, diddle on the nerve endings, and then crash the senses. STATX tells CE of making the track,

I honestly had never heard of Wave music before, so I Googled it, heard a bunch of tracks with lots of reverb, rolling bass, and hard-hitting drums. It sounded right up my alley, so I went to town in Ableton. Since originally producing it and playing it live a few times, I’ve added a third section, some new sounds, and gave it a fresh mix and master. The end result is what you can hear today.”


This track is part of a larger release strategy, where I’ll be releasing either a single or an EP every month for at least the next six months, but “Crash” is released as a single. Next week, Homan plans to release a small “Crash” merch line as well as a digital artwork package with alternate renders of the artwork.

The artwork was created to align with the theme of ‘Crash.’ That was done in Cinema 4D, where I modeled the glass diamond shapes and then literally crashed them into a sphere made of random geometry using an explosion modifier. All of that was then brought into Blender, where I added the materials and scene lighting. From there, I rendered the final images. To me, it looks like some crazy geometric meteor burning through the atmosphere, which seems pretty fitting.


Hailing from Austin, Texas, a place where locals call their beloved “weird” city “ATX,” Steven Homan is the man behind STATX. He derives his artist pseudonym from a combination of “ST” from Steve and “ATX.” Steve was encouraged to play music at a young age. Much like many kids growing up in the Austin Metro area, his mother would take him to various shows and music festivals in and around Austin. Those early experiences had a big impact on his early musical taste, and where his love for playing the drums began.

After his high school years, his musical creations expanded into instrumental hip-hop and electronica. It was around this time that he developed an interest in audio recording for the bands he was in and beat production for his hip-hop and electronic side interests. Eventually, the bands faded away and Homan’s “side interests” started to take center stage. Within a year of this musical shift, STATX was born in 2010 and Homan founded an indie label as an outlet for all of the music he had been recording on the side.

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