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LSDREAM and Taylr Renee collaborate on new single ‘Follow The Vibe’

Featured photo – Nicole Davis

LSDREAM has become an instant hit artist since his 2018 debut. His spiritual drive, ethereal music and driving bass have garnered him a dedicated audience, consisting of a spectrum–from people seeking enlightenment to those just wanting to rage and everything in between. His more recent forays into guided meditations and sound healing only enhance his already cosmically-attuned aura.

After a long six months since his last release, he’s finally back with his newest track out on Wakaan dubbed “Follow The Vibe,” a group project with Taylr Renee (who fans may remember collaborated with him on “PSYCHEDELIC” from his first album Voyager). It’s also another solid addition to his growing discography. The single features the always incredible vocal work of Renee, and perfected LSDREAM-style moments including heightened synthesizers laid over a catchy and moving beat. The crafted drumwork and positivity radiating from the lyrics make this song not just a mood pick-me-up, but a number to move and get loose to as well.

“FOLLOW THE VIBE” is my 2020 anthem,” writes LSDREAM about the track. “It’s a reminder that no matter what life throws at you, stay in the light because there’s magic and joy on the other side. Through all the hardships we faced this year, our collective passion for music and this community helped keep us inspired and sane. This song honors that vibe, and Taylr and I are sending big virtual hugs to everyone out there listening.”

LSDREAM & Taylr Renee – Follow The Vibe


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