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Insomniac introduces new drive-thru rave experience for SoCal, Electric Mile

It’s no news that the music industry has been taking a colossal hit from COVID-19. With the touring and festivals still feeling the aftermath of the worldwide pandemic, promotion companies are getting creative in their socially-distanced efforts to bring back live music—and the revenue it reaps, which they desperately rely on. Touring giant Live Nation is confident live music will be back in full swing by summer 2021, while others are playing it safe in the spring, like New Orleans’ Buku Music and Arts Project, which recently announced their postponement to 2022.

Live streams and virtual festivals have served as a trusted fallback plan for festivals around the world, including Tomorrowland’s upcoming New Year’s Eve event. Meanwhile, select cities have had access to on-location events like Insomniac’s Park’N Rave series, as well as multi-stop drive-in tours by artists like CloZee, Kaskade, REZZ, Seven Lions, and more. Now, Insomniac Events head-honcho Pasquale Rotella has a brand new experience in store for kicking off 2021.

Introducing: Electric Mile, a new live show concept from EDM giant Insomniac in the form of an “audiovisual drive-thru adventure, filled with beautiful lights, art and sound.” Not sure what that entails? Picture an hour-long in-car holiday light show, except with the manpower and wow-factor of EDC, Beyond Wonderland, and Electric Forest combined, to name just a few of the prolific production company’s flagship events. With over 500 art installations and 5 million lights spread across seven different festival-inspired ‘worlds’, the unique experience is sure to transport attendees into the coveted pre-COVID days of care-free festivals and New Year’s parties.

The all-ages event series kicks off January 1st at Santa Anita Park, a racetrack just 20 miles northeast of Downtown Los Angeles. Learn more and book your spot at www.electricmilefun.com.

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