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Tomorrowland releases virtual NYE event tickets + new stage reveal

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to shape-shift the music industry as we know it, many large promotion companies and festivals are beginning to transform the way festival-goers partake in the scene. Due to heavy lockdown restrictions beginning to resurge across the globe, Tomorrowland has decided to join the virtual festival ensemble for their 2021 New Year’s Eve event that is timed and catered for all time zones across the globe from 20:00 to 3:00 (8 pm to 3 am) local time. Organizers have already released the evening’s gargantuan line-up and now they’re releasing ticketing packages and beginning to reveal the stages.

The first stage reveal is named Planaxis, which People of Tomorrow may remember was the theme for the mega-festival’s 2018 event in Boom, Belgium. Fans can expect more stage reveals as Tomorrowland NYE draws closer. The special NYE virtual edition will contain four stages in total as well as a virtual grounds, dubbed “NOAZ,” that festival-viewers will be able to explore.

Tickets for this unique sonic experience are already on sale here and feature three tiers of different buying options that are priced at €20, €25, and €50, with the more expensive tickets offering bonuses such as the classic festival armband and even Sol Vida’s sparkling wine. Festival-viewers will then also be able to opt-in to a ‘Festival On Demand’ option for another €12.50 that allows the festival to be rewatched up until January 14th.

Grab tickets here and get a glimpse of the Planaxis stage below.

Planaxis Stage.

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