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Nu Strut walks hip-hop track ‘Summertime’ into bass-laden remix

When an EDM producer aims to remix a hip-hop or rap song, there are certain boxes that need to be checked off in order to turn it into a successful hybrid of the original. First and foremost, the lyrics need to be captured appropriately, as lyrics tend to be the focus of most rap songs. Next, the producer needs to be able to alter the track enough that it sounds different while still showing slivers of the original. Finally, the artist must put their own trademark sound on the track, as is the case with most successful songs regardless of genre. Although making an EDM remix of a hip-hop song can be a difficult feat, Nu Strut, the creative project of Brent Pinero, checks off every box in his remix of clipping.’s “Summertime.”

Although Nu Strut may exemplify the attributes of a studied bass DJ, fans will be surprised to learn that his background lies in entirely different genres. He started out having a preference for funk, hip-hop, and neo-soul, and even started his own blues trio, but Pinero didn’t begin experimenting with electronic music until 2016. However, he has certainly taken his experience in other realms, particularly hip-hop and funk, and concocted his own unique sound. Recently making his live-debut in the Harmony Virtual Music Festival, this Dallas, Texas native appears to have all intentions of making his vibrations echo throughout the world of EDM.   

Clipping – Summertime (Nu Strut Remix)

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