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David Starfire and VJ TEK combine forces to release music video for empowering bass track “Empyrean” [PREMIERE]


Featured photo: Josh Curious Photography.

In ancient cultures and mysticism, the Empyrean was a place that was deemed the “highest” heaven: A wondrous place that was said to be occupied by the element of fire. This term is derived from the Latin word “empyreus,” meaning “in or on the fire.” The Empyrean was thus used in various theologies for the domain of God and celestial beings so divine they are made of pure light. This was the plane where God’s will and human creativity radiate together in one singular purpose. This is the source of the divine inspiration behind global bass pioneer David Starfire‘s track, “Empyrean.”

Releasing back in January, the track has been re-imagined by the ever-so-talented Brien E. Rullman, better known by his artist alias VJ TEK who has done visual work for a wide range of music industry professionals including Jai Wolf, Pretty Lights, Armin Van Buuren, and Deadmau5. Spinning multi-dimensional visuals from all over the world, TEK has been painting images and sculpting objects using various physical mediums and infusing them into digital landscapes. He blends these facets of his craftsmanship that creates something truly unique to the human eye while telling an empowering, spiritual story. He is actually working on his own music to soundtrack his latest illustrations—something that is rare within the music production community.

As for the inspiration behind the track, Starfire has tragically lost three close friends in the past year, so death has been at the forefront of David’s mind over this past year. He remembered a story about this “highest heaven” and decided to write an uplifting song for his friends that have passed so their spirits can dance through their transition into the spirit world. We got the chance to sit down with Starfire and when asked about the intention behind the project, he said:

“We are all reminded every day about death with the toll of COVID-19 steadily rising. This song aims to enshrine their energy forever. It aims to celebrate these people’s lives and calls us to focus on just how lucky we were to have known these individuals. This song stands as a memorial for those that we lost recently and is meant to celebrate life by dancing alongside those who have gone to the ‘great beyond.'”


-David Starfire

Building upon the funky bass motifs Starfire curates within the track, TEK’s visual prowess places the viewer in an ever-changing astral landscape that seems to envelop all of the senses while telling a psychedelic story of life beyond death. With such a focus on divine intention, the track stands as a testament that death is not the end, but an inevitable stage of transformation. The energy both Starfire and TEK utilize in this collaboration is echoed by the same perspectives we actively try to cultivate here at Conscious Electronic. We could not be more excited to share with you this master-level body of work. 

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