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Subtronics announces CyclopsArmyTV partnership with Twitch

Subtronics partners with Twitch for an exclusive live streaming channel, CyclopsArmyTV

Since announcing his Cyclops Army label late last year, Subtronics (Jesse Cardon) has been putting his foot down as a top industry player in the bass music world. Throughout 2020, like so many other artists and label collectives, Subtronics even began tinkering with the live stream format due to live shows being canceled throughout quarantine. Thus, CyclopsArmyTV was born onto Twitch, exploding in popularity amongst the dubstep producer’s ballooning fanbase around the globe.

Blasting into 2021, Subtronics is ushering in an exciting new era for the Cyclops Army family. Cardon recently announced that his newly-minted imprint has inked an exclusive streaming partnership agreement with Twitch for a channel powered by a computer built by Artesian. Every week, Subtroincs will invite fans to join him online to submit demos, hang out, and hear unreleased music before anyone else. 

Twitch is the easiest, most direct way to talk with my fans in real-time. I love sharing my process and thoughts in regards to both music and life, so just having an audience of people who care to hang out virtually and listen to my silly rants is truly awesome and appreciated. I’ve also found a good bit of talent through Twitch chat rooms and other various dubstep streams on there. It has helped me scout talent and make friends, but most importantly of all, Twitch has helped me stay inspired.


Fans will now be able to witness and interact with Subtronics like never before as he prepares to deliver demo listening sessions, performances, production lessons, live Q&As, and more. As an added incentive, fans who tune in regularly will likely hear what’s coming down the pipeline in Subtronic’s unreleased music vault.

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Featured photo: Cheng Chen.