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edIT builds further to third studio album release with chillingly seductive track, ‘Tonight With You’

After thirteen years of silence from his solo project, edIT released “That’s Me Baby” last month, kicking off his next full-length, Come to Grips. Now a lack of new music from edIT (Edward Ma) is completely understandable due to the artist’s vital role as one-third of The Glitch Mob, which he co-founded in 2006. The LA beat scene group has been taking off the last few years in a big way. Since 2018’s See Without Eyes LP, the glitch-heavy electronic group celebrated their world-renowned debut album, Drink the Sea, with a ten-year anniversary edition and released a new EP, Chemicals. Now edIT is stepping out on his own and forming his own label, called Know Truth No Lie, where his third solo album will land on February 26.

Coming in as his third teaser track released from the forthcoming LP, following “Find You” at the top of the month, edIT now shares “Tonight With You,” an emotive and chilling single that inspires movement. A narrative is beginning to form in edIT’s recent string of releases, picking up right where Ma left off with his seminal album Crying over Pros for No Reason (2004) and Certified Air Raid Material (2007).

The story continues with “Tonight With You” and can be found in the track’s musical element — namely, in its icy, unnervingly seductive vocal samples and hip-hop-steeped production. They are a response to the immense racial injustice and solitude in quarantine. edIT pushes these dark and distant universal feelings to the forefront. The songs serve as reminders that once we begin to heal and process, we can take our first steps forward again.

edIT has also announced a limited edition vinyl release for Come To Grips (750 pressings) as well as a limited edition long sleeve tee. Pre-order the album here.

edIT – Tonight With You

Come To Grips Tracklist:

  1. Down For This
  2. That’s Me Baby
  3. Find You
  4. Just Can’t
  5. Take Your Time
  6. All I Want
  7. Only Believed
  8. Need You Now
  9. Bleedin’ Out (feat. KAVYA)
  10. Tonight With You

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