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Mauka breathes ethereal energies into old-school dubstep inspired track, ‘Otherside’ [Premiere]

Mauka: A Hawaiin word that means “towards the mountains.” A concept that young bass producer Logan Scott chose to enshrine in his music project, Mauka. Born and raised in Honolulu, Scott developed an intimate relationship with nature and chose to transmute that connection in his music. Ripe on the Wavecraft Collective roster, Mauka is poised to bring an array of transcending frequencies with his flagship project that is sure to leave it’s mark on bass music history.

Mauka spoke exclusively to CE on his newest self-release as well as the inspiration behind his project: “The Mauka project has really been a way for me to express myself and bring forth my creativity inspired by nature.” Scott continues,

“As living in Colorado has been a wonderful journey, it’s also been a challenging change in which music has consistently helped me through. Honestly, I’ve been trying to focus my project a lot more on the super pretty/melodic stuff. I find myself doing a lot more of that long-term. That being said, I still have a desire to make darker vibes as well. I think having a cohesive combination of the two symbolizes balance.”

– Mauka

After battling multiple medical adversities and beating cancer in 2018, Scott then moved to Denver to continue pursuing his musical journey and passion for being in nature. Creating ambient, melodic, and mysterious melodies, Mauka blends his deep roots of hip-hop and experimental electronic music. Generating a shadowy, conscious-bending vibe that is inspired by the nature that has surrounded him his whole life.

Branching out with his original style while touching on the roots of old-school dubstep sound design, Mauka has come to craft a magical story with his latest song, “Otherside,” which we’re thrilled to premiere on CE. Infusing empowering, melodious synths and eccentric bass soundscapes, this track is set to be one of Mauka’s most ambitious releases yet.

“I think I definitely am able to dive the deepest into creating music when certain emotions are involved. Creating music is a great medium to kind of vent my emotions, both positive and negative. It’s an almost necessary way to express or come to terms with those emotions while focusing my energy on positivity and creativity.”

– Mauka

With the rest of Wavecraft Collective making up his sonic entourage, Mauka is set to change the narrative within the bass music universe. Blending intricate, ethereal melody structures with his signature, otherworldly sound design, he creates a tantalizing listening experience that is as forward-thinking as it is memorable. Be on the lookout for Mauka and the entire Wavecraft roster as they collectively become a force of nature on bass culture for years to come.

Mauka – Otherside [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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