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LSDREAM weaves newest sonic tapestry, elevates Wakaan to ‘HIGHER VIBRATIONS’

LSDREAM is no stranger to the weird and wonderful world of Wakaan. In fact, some might argue he’s the most sought-after artist on the label’s wide-reaching roster. After taking three months off from new releases, the enlightened artist returns from his late 2020 collaboration with Taylr Renee, “FOLLOW THE VIBE,” with his first track of 2021. Out now on Liquid Stranger‘s esteemed imprint, “HIGHER VIBRATIONS” is almost five minutes of left-field mayhem meets enlightenment.

LSDREAM runs the full gambit of his sound on this track, which takes cues from his earlier works like his ALCHEMY mix series or his debut LP, Renegades of Light. With synths patterns and computerized vocal synths leading the listener in, LSDREAM invites his fans to explore lighter, more melodic moments, which always culminate in the wonkiest of drops and funkiest of breakdowns. This time, LSDREAM even adds in an eery vocoder that is downright bewitching. The process is, once again, meant to inspire his listener base to aspire higher, while delivering the most experimental of beats.

Taking to his Twitter to explain the creative process for his self-described “sonic tapestry,” LSDREAM said the following:

“I wanted each lyric to inspire part of the track, and went wild in the sonic jungle gym! Vocoders, guitars, wubs, alien bass, retro synths, orchestra, choirs, theremins, pianos…. I ended up with quite the sonic tapestry.”


Here at Conscious Electronic, we receive everything that LSDREAM does with the utmost passion and authenticity. Not only does his new musical approach falls perfectly in line with our site’s mission—whether it’s his newer LIGHTCODE mediation-driven side-project or his spiritual talks on YouTube that inspired our very first Conscious Creators series—but because of the sheer intention he puts into his music shows just how much of a spiritual journey each and every output is with him. Listen below.



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