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A new EP is in the works from CharlesTheFirst, potions, and Supertask’s side-project, Lab Group

In one sweeping tweet, CharlestheFirst has ramped up the hype machine for fans of Lab Group, his supergroup side-group project with Supertask and potions. He told his Twitter followers that a forthcoming EP fro the trio is “probably the most dynamic project [he’s] been involved in.” Not much else was revealed beyond the phrase “coming soon,” so its hard to say whether Lab Group is knee-deep in the studio, putting on masters, or what.

Granted, Charles Ingalls has just wrapped up his third studio full-length, Solus, which was preceded by another full album from his hawk. alias just months before. While the tweet is vague and leaves more questions than answers, that is precisely what a good tease should do for a rabid fanbase. While the world awaits with hope over more news from Lab Group over their forthcoming project, one thing remains certain: It seems the best things really do come in threes.

The other two Lab Group members have been just as busy as Charles. potions just announced his Incantations I & II project(s) and Supertask is gearing up for a headlining slot at CouchFest’s 2021 live stream, taking place at the end of the month, March 26-28.

Keep up to date with all-things Lab Group on their landing page. To hold fans over, you can purchase and stream Lab Group’s 25-minute LG01-MIX, which is out now on Bandcamp.

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