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Supertask hints at upcoming project with the release of latest single, ‘Terms’

Featured photo: Luis Vazquez.

The beloved Kyle Bishoff, known best by the stage name Supertask, has a very interesting project underway. Much of quarantine has been spent mastering new music and working on a super psychedelic livestream that over 200 hours were put into the making of. It far exceeded everyones expectations, making it right on to our Top 10 Live Streams of 2020 and our Midweek Mantra Mix where we highlighted some important takeaways from the transformational stream.

The team has recently announced that they’re bringing the “Choose Your Own Adventure” livestream back. Fans were elated to hear about this and even more excited when they heard that personalized keycards were available to purchase for this one. Those keycards will give users the ability to interact and have a chance to dictate which way the story goes. That’s not all though. There are many additional functions that come with it before, during, and after the livestream occurs. It’s not too late to get one!

Supertask has just now returned with a new single off an upcoming project which he tweeted is “a more laid back project than usual.” It is unsure what exactly this project is, but with everything that has been seen from him recently, it is sure to be good. He has been gaining attention and well-deserved recognition from many lately. Although Bishoff said that this project is a lot more laid back, this latest track titled “Terms” contains some of Supertask’s signature sounds right off the bat. The transcendental tones and subtle glitchy beats over a much deeper bassline is a perfect example of the duality we so often see from this artist – heavy yet calm, glitchy yet smooth. Be sure to check this track out and follow Supertask on social media to stay up to date with what he’s been working on behind the scenes.

Supertask – Terms

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