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Moontricks and Shred Kelly share soft, bass-infused cover of ‘For What It’s Worth’

Moontricks, CE’s recent Conscious Creator feature, is back with their second release of 2021: a beautiful, string-filled version of the iconic Buffalo Springfield track “For What It’s Worth.” The bass and bluegrass duo teamed up with five member alternative band Shred Kelly, combining their string instrument prowess and subtle bass infusions to create a song that can go from a jam festival to a softer moment at an electronic event.

The Canadian stylings of both groups come together to give fans a cover that’s groovy, authentic, and full of folk magic. The lyrics stay true to the original version, but with a bit of remixing and added vocal layering that make this track sound like it’s straight out of misty mountains. This particular tune can appeal to a range of audiences–from nostalgic older folks to younger crowds looking for something fresh–and is perfect for long, winding drives with no destination.

With combined performances at a range of events including Shambhala and SXSW, both bands are steadily taking over their niche corner of music. Check out their new tune below to experience this new style of “boot-stomping bass” that’s capturing love from crowds all over the country.

Moontricks x Shred Kelly – For What It’s Worth

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