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Mersiv expands his vibrational imprint deeper into the weird and wonderful world of Wakaan with ‘Morse Code’

As one of Wakaan‘s most sizzling newcomers into the recording family, Anderson Gallegos continues to bring the heat. We’re of course referring to Mersiv here. Over the past year alone, Mersiv released a plethora of bass gems under Liquid Stranger’s banner— nine tracks to the date, but who’s counting anyway? Closely nestled to the esteemed imprint all throughout quarantine, it was hard to believe the Denver-based producer ran his own label in MorFlo Records. Then Mersiv began releasing on his own, with the releases of “Talkin Bout” and a remix of Supertask and Saint Sinner‘s 2018 track, “Get To You,” and the world remembered just how diverse his “Pretty, Dark, Loud” sound goes. Now Mersiv releases his tenth track on Wakaan with “Morse Code.”

Clocking in at a powerful 4:44, the master number for “practicality” in numerology, perhaps Mersiv is attempting to tune his listeners into the fact that they are “on the path towards spiritual awakening.” If the song weren’t an allegory for deeper coded meaning, then how else are fans supposed to read it? As for the sonics on the track, “Morse Code” uses dreamy, ethereal melodies, spacey synths, steaming 808 kicks, and gritty rolling waves of sub-bass that run miles below the surface. So deep, in fact, that one comes out the other side like they’ve gone Around The World in Eighty Days (all sci-fi adventure novels aside).

Bringing the most creative left-field beats into Wakaan’s weird and wonderful world of wonky bass, Mersiv continues to prove he’s become a mainstay on the label. So much so that Gallegos has recently been included in the Wakaan stage takeover at Imagine Music Festival. Also, check him out on CloZee’s recently announced Neon Jungle tour in select cities.

Mersiv – Morse Code

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