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Luminyst releases third bass-fueled remix pack to round out ‘Transformation: The Remixes’

After releasing two previous remix packs throughout March, each consisting of four hand-selected remixers to his debut album, Transformation, rising bass juggernaut Luminyst (formerly SLAVE) has now completed his very first specially curated collaboration effort. The CE favorite’s gradual rollout has been a staff highlight all month, with standouts from BroMosapien’s remix of “Darkness” and Ahee’s “Waves” remix, the latter of which we were thrilled to premiere. They are now joined by Danny Grooves, Magnetic, Scales, and Valloa, all of whom take to the reconstruction spin decks with precision and intellect.

Also, be sure to grab the Transformation deluxe edition, which features the entire original album, the remixes, and five additional remixes that won’t be available anywhere else, Totaling a total of 27 tracks.

SLAVE – Transformation: The Remixes [Part 3]

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