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Conscious Creators 006: Introducing Entangled Mind, Bass, Wisdom, and Bliss

The world of EDM is vast and diverse. From the commercial realm to the underground, electronic music is always moving at hyperspeed. But how can fans sift through all the noise to seek out the more substantive, meaningful, consciously-attuned musicians? Introducing: Conscious Creators, a focused writing series dedicated to highlighting artists who continually devote themselves to creating music that upholds CE’s mission. 

These are the industry tastemakers committed to bypassing the surface-level gimmicks in favor of something more substantial. Their art encourages alignment with the self, affirmational living, shadow and light work, self-healing and self-love, living authentically, practicing intention. These are the creatives dedicated to leading their audience into a conscious awakening.

To emerging bass producer Entangled Mind, music has been as much a part of her life as breathing air. Music is necessary to color life, accent the moments we want to remember, and bring people together. When one is born into a life that revolves around music, that tends to happen.

The human behind the artist is Boston-based Marissa Barbato. Her father, a lifelong keyboardist and jazz musician, nurtured Marissa’s love for not only listening to music but also creating the artform in interesting and fundamental ways. The first and most obvious was the introduction of the acoustic guitar and weekly lessons at age ten, while the second would be the reel-to-reel recorder that followed at twelve.

“Me in my dads studio (1993) and him in my studio (2016) back in Charleston. Super grateful for growing up in such a musical family and the influence its had on my life.” – Marissa Barbato

Early on, young Marissa found that she much preferred breaking off the scales randomly over following along with sheet music, while creating new little riffs for notes and chords along the way. Extra time during the day would be found with a guitar in hand, but with Barbato not so emulating chord progressions but creating them. Just as well, Barbato’s dad noticed and thought that the two might record some stuff together. It was after realizing the power of the loop, and experimentation through analog means, that has led, happily, to her current project: Entangled Mind.

Entangled Mind’s debut album released in early March, titled Eternal Motion, which followed last summer’s Frog’s Lemonade EP. The new LP is an eight-track narrative celebrating the emotional and introspective side of life— the vulnerabilities and joys of new relationships, the pain and uncertainty that is inevitable, and the moments where the ineffable beauty and wonder of life overwhelm us in bliss.

Says Barbato of the themes behind the album, “We don’t remember days, we remember moments.”

While it might be described as downtempo, the project evokes a variety of styles and elements to bring distinction. Bass-driven, with moments of jazzy inflection and unexpected glitchy and grimy bumps along the way, the only thing listeners can really expect of Eternal Motion is the unexpected. An occasional drum-n-bass interlude, or soaring synth, allows a sudden shift in focus and movement, for example.

Some tracks, like “Fallen,” might even evoke persperation of the eye upon hearing the beauty inherent to well-crafted melodic progressions. Or, perhaps the emotion felt comes from Entangled Mind’s balance of the clean, simple notes of a steel-drum, with grimy alien percussions layered beneath, being driven by a simple melody on top of a reverb. The final track, “Life,” originally created by Collective Disparity and Aubrey Shea, is one tune that embodies a celebration of life, a celebration that is a shared experience. It is in this sharing and connection that the central message of Marissa Barbato’s project lies.

“I am just one mind, expressing my entangled experience.”

– Entangled Mind

While talking to CE, Marissa explains that the idea for the title of the project does lie in the idea of quantum entanglement. Put simply, it’s the idea that even the tiniest piece of the universe is inextricably woven into every other piece. The idea that, although all pieces may seem separate or divided, it is ultimately an illusion that constantly gets disproven through the properties of entanglement.

Music has similar ideas of connection: each mind is being affected, often in an emotional way, and entangled with others sharing the experience. By utilizing a soundscape constructed on the back of their experience and love for music, but infused with the magic of expression, Entangled Mind has created exactly that experience and more. For these reasons, among many more, Entangled Mind herself fits right in with our growing list of Conscious Creators.

Entangled Mind – Eternal Motion

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