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Hullabalo0’s ‘Habaneuro’ LP gets remix treatments from UG bass stunters Seppa, Duffrey, Somatoast, kLL sMTH, & more

One of these types of remix collections only comes around every so often. Andrew Bryant, who is more widely known under his stage name Hullbalo0, has managed to wrangle some of the underground’s most scorching artists to remix his Habaneuro LP. Released seven months ago on Street Ritual, the neuro-blistered album now comes together as one cohesive remix package and the list of remixers reads like a Who’s Who of the experimental bass movement: namely, Duffrey, kLL sMTH, SeppaSchmoop, Mindex, and Somatoast, just to list off a few.

From halftime and glitch to left-field and heavy trap, there’s truly a different sound for every bass taste. From Duffrey’s calming drum-n-bass rework of “Another Day” and Mindex’s experimental, soulful key-tinged reimagination of the LP’s title track to Somatoast’s liquidy psychedelic space bass with a DnB heartbeat, nearly every style of bass is sampled on this extremely diverse collection.

A true standout on the remixed edition of Habaneuro is Seppa’s UK experimental flair on “Pylons” in which the dubstep pioneer brings his wild creativity and penchant for blasting convention to the track. Then there’s kLL sMTH’s remix of “Reality Check,” featuring Eden Downlen, that is the epitome of a neurobass bombshell. There’s just too many amazing tracks to mention on this one.

This is one project that simply won’t come around again for another blue moon or two. Be sure to listen in full now.

Hullabalo0 – Habaneuro: Remixed

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