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Tripzy Leary

Tripzy Leary seduces listeners into a low-end reverb playground on debut ‘Audius Transmission’ mix

Ever since we happened across Tripzy Leary two years ago with his Space Migration EP, we just can’t get enough of the Vancouver-based artist’s unique low-end free form. Dark, exploratory, and highly introspective, his is a sound that captures the body and buries itself deep into the mind. Just look to his Project: Rainbow EP that earned the Cyberdelics boss a spot on Conscious Electronic‘s coveted Rising Bass Spotlight, alongside some of the drippiest names in bass music underground. Making his Audius debut, Tripzy Leary comes to the decks with his Audius Transmission, exclusively on the new streaming platform.

Spanning an hour in length, Tripzy Leary conjures up a seductive mixtape that teases listeners to every drop and has them holding on to his every vibration. Balancing the sensual melodic, while layering on bass that cuts into the soul, and pulling listeners into so many different directions, the mix showcases just how Tripzy Leary has mastered the art of true experimentation.

Hard as it is to put into words, Tripzy has a way of stringing his listeners along with a certain sensual ease, and yet with a heavy reverb that is equally off-kilter and out of this world. Armed with a new mix that is a real-time sonic spaceship ride, in every sense of the phrase, Tripzy Leary lives up to his half-human, half-alien personae time and again.

As the musical alias of Quentyn Kermeen, Tripzy Leary isn’t entirely human per se. He’s an alien of a higher species, who seeded DNA on planet earth billions of years ago, and who has returned to protect the DNA and prepare it for metamorphosis and space migration. Whereas Tripzy represents a “lyrical humanistic dude,” Leary is the “Alien Bass Frequency Generator.” Part real and part imaginary, Tripzy Leary represents two sides of the same coin.

Tripzy Leary – Audius Transmission mix

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