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Coming summer 2021: Illenium names fourth studio album, ‘Fallen Embers’

Featured photo: Morse Codex.

For fans of Illenium, the news that Nick Miller was using 2020 to work on his fourth studio album isn’t anything new. He even revealed that the forthcoming LP would land sometime in summer, although an exact date hasn’t been narrowed just yet. Now Illenium has uncovered the title of his next full-length as Fallen Embers. The title is certainly fitting and follows thematically with his iconic phoenix logo.

It also serves to further the narrative of his first three albums: Ashes (2016), Awake (2017), and Ascend (2019). Only time will tell as to just what narrative Miller is seeking to tell with the incoming project. Considering his recent turn towards nostalgic emo-sounds, however, the melodic mastermind has likely compiled a collection of new “sad boy” love songs in a more pop- and emo-centric style.

Stay tuned for all things Illenium as more information becomes available. Also, be sure to check out the Denver melodic hero as he headlines Imagine Music Festival’s 2021 lineup this fall.

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