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Indra’s Garden celebrates sustainability and love on second installment of her ‘Tribal Steps’ artist compilation series

Following up on the success of Tribal Steps Volume One last year, Croatia-based artist Indra’s Garden has just released Volume Two of the album compilation series. Featuring some amazing artists donating their crafts towards the vision of creating infrastructure for Indra’s garden, an alternative village-based organization geared towards a sustainable future through the implementation of permaculture, bio-construction, and community cultural events.

Indra says of the release: “Musicians from all over the world got together to express the melody which is singing in their souls, reverberating through the vast channels of collective consciousness. This is an adventurous journey through various tempos, styles, and melodies, but there is an everlasting and unifying force at the core of this release – love.”

She continues,

“This is a story about invoking the entelechy of our ancestors for guidance so that humankind can evolve in their destined path. The soundtrack of the “archaic revival” is calling to us – perfectly balanced between organic and electronic forms of sound, channeling the ancient notion of interconnectedness with nature, as well as a contemporary psychedelic approach to dance music.”

– Indra

The compilation includes tracks from the likes of Jakare, SubRoot, Migra, and Mr. Moo, and encompasses movements from ethereal organic instrumentation through to downright bangers with a focus on tribal wisdom. The 11-track compilation is definitely worth checking it out, especially for those consciously-minded listeners who stand in support of the movement towards a more sustainable future.

Indra’s Garden – Tribal Steps Vol. Two

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