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MitiS returns to Ophelia Records for stunning second studio album, ‘Lost’

MitiS, the stage persona of Pennsylvania-based Joseph Torre, completed and released the 12 track studio album Lost and has released it on Ophelia Records, the label started by Seven Lions. MitiS began his musical journey studying classical piano at a young age, which has developed into developing seamlessly into his unique interpretation of piano-driven melodic bass music. Since 2012, MitiS has been using both his skills as a producer and as a pianist in production and live music.

The album is the artist’s second studio album and the third official album release by Ophelia. The tracks draw on a wide range of collaborations and vocalists, utilizing an accessible pop-dance and melodic bass sound that often produce feelings of euphoria in the balance of sound. Led by the singles “Try”, “Homesick” and “Hurt”, MitiS has been staying active as possible lately, headlining his own Insomniac Park ‘N Rave at San Bernardino back in January and will be playing a socially distant album release party to celebrate the release at the Midway in San Francisco on April 10 and 11.

MitiS is an artist in the purest sense as his music reflects how much of his soul has been poured into the composing of the tracks produced. The result of such dedication and awareness of what the power of music can achieve can be found on the tracks below.

MitiS – Lost

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