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Headphone Activist comes to SSKWAN for haunting late-night drive, ‘Snow On The Rhodes’ [Premiere]

Few things in life hit the soul like the soothing sounds of low fidelity. North American electronic/hip-hop artist Headphone Activist knows this and brings it to the table in the latest single release building up to his Audio Oasis LP. The full-length project will come to fruition on Liquid Stranger‘s budding new imprint, SSKWAN, but CE has the pleasure of premiering “Snow On The Rhodes” today, April 14.

The Pittsburgh-based beat maker and art advocate, also known amongst his peers as Pete Domville, had the following to say on the track:

“When I began mapping out the Audio Oasis LP,” Domville tells CE exclusively, “I decided to only attach one Lofi record. So of course I wanted to make this one stand out and mean something to me. My idea for this record was to capture the feeling of peace and the almost meditative state of driving home at night.”

– Headphone Activist 

Exactly as its title suggests, the two-minute cut kicks off the forthcoming 10-track studio album and surely sets the tone as graceful, nostalgic, meditative, and mellow. Combing his love of downtempo, a meditative bassline drift, and the beat work of hip-hop, “Snow On The Rhodes” is a late-night drive that guides listeners into a state of calm and bliss. Domville even told us about the making of the track in his DAW,

“My favorite part of this record was getting to use my new Mallet VST to create the bells. They produce an almost haunting echo that really helps with letting the Rhodes breath and carry the rest of the song.”

– Headphone Activist 

Stream “Snow On The Rhodes” below or on any other music streaming provider here.

Headphone Activist – Snow On The Rhodes [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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