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Komadoze and Ravenscoon push against the haters on monster collaboration, ‘ICGAS’ [Premiere]

Following an exciting ID-filled Chemistry 101 mixtape debut, enigmatic newcomer Komadoze continues his nascent ascent into the world of underground bass. With 32 minutes of straight heavy IDs, the Chemistry 101 mix showcased Komadoze’s arsenal of bass weapons, leading off with a Ravenscoon ID. Now that track gets its title in “ICGAS” and CE is pleased to premiere it today, April 14.

“I first came into contact with Ravenscoon when I sent him some brand new dubplates,” Komadoze told CE exclusively on working with Ravenscoon, whose two styles seem to come together like peanut butter and jelly. “He was super impressed and immediately believed in my project. Fast forward a few months, and we’re now releasing our first collaboration, ‘ICGAS.'”

One of my long-term goals as Ravenscoon is to find emerging artists and help bring them into the limelight. Even though my project is still pretty small, I knew that I had to use the power that I do have to help shine a light on Komadoze. Their productions just really captivate me, and the skill across multiple genres is really incredible. One day I hope to have my own record label, so our collaboration and my promotion of Komadoze has been a testing ground for that. I really hope they get the recognition they deserve, and I hope y’all enjoy this absolute monster of a collaboration.

– Ravenscoon

Riddled with complex beat work, layers of heavy dubstep production, and flagrant verses that really drive the message of the song home, “ICGAS” is about pushing forward in a “brutal music industry” and shaking off the doubters and the haters. Komadoze speaks more specifically on the heavy new whip and its inspiration:

“The music industry can be brutal for creatives, and this song represents our push back against that, and against anybody who has doubted us in the past or hated. I wanted to come out of the gates strong with the Komadoze project, and hope that this sets a high bar of what to expect down the road. Coming off the success of Chemistry 101, you’ll be seeing much more from my lab soon, including Halftime, Drum & Bass, Trap, House, and even some Lo-Fi music.”

– Komadoze

Still largely a mystery to the world, Komadoze wants to keep his identity a secret in order to focus on driving connection through sound over hype. “I won’t share my identity, because that isn’t what is important about this project. This project is about connection, bringing people together, and the MUSIC!! I can’t wait to show you everything that has been brewing.”

Komadoze x Ravenscoon – ICGAS [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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