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San Holo shares final two singles ahead of ‘bby u ok?’ release

Norwegian future bass rockstar and bitbird helmer San Holo has released the final singles ahead of the release of his next full-length, bby u ok?, due out one month from now. The last teasers comes in the form of “black-and-white” and “MY FAULT.”

Anything but black-and-white, as the lyrics suggest, the first track is a colorful indie-leaning gem that perfectly rounds the string of teaser releases by offering fans something substantive to ponder until the full project release: “nothing here is black and white” seems to be a mantra-type message that fits today’s emotionally-turmoiled world. It’s a world where up is down, right is left, and hardly anything knows what the believe as we try to piece together which reality to live in. In response, San Holo is here to say, “meet me on the brighter side, when you change your mind.”

Armed with whispy vocals, light-hearted electric guitar riffs, and bubble-gum synth-pop elements, “black and white” is hopeful and resilient. On the other hand, “MY FAULT” is quite the opposite with its emo-tinged analog sound like drudges up the feelings that accompanied anything from The Postal Service back in the day. Borrowing on this style, San Holo really stays true to the title here as well as he sets a tone of sorrow, longing, regret, and perhaps forgiveness. A truly inspired creative like no other, San Holo always has something deeper to say in emotionally evocative lyrics and uplifting melodies. Time will only tell with what he has to say.

Speaking to the album’s title, which is due out May 21, San Holo says of the title track:

“’bb u ok?’ Is a question for you to ask yourself & the people you love. Life is so fast-paced these days, we often don’t take the time to answer this question genuinely. It’s so easy to fall out of touch with yourself and the people you love. We need genuine conversations and connections to keep going… bb u ok?

– San Holo

“black and white” and “MY FAULT” follows March’s “IT HURTS!,” February’s “find your way,” and the title track released at the bottom of 2020.

San Holo – black and white / MY FAULT

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