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Rezzmau5 becomes a reality in long-awaited single, “Hypnocurrency”

Worlds have officially collided in the realm of electronic dance music. Remember when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles met the Power Rangers? The same thing is now happening in the world of EDM as full-caliber bass musician Rezz and dance music icon Deadmau5 have joined forces. But instead of just high-fiving, they created “Hypnocurrency,” a 5-minute track that paints a vivid portrayal of each of their unique sounds being woven together. Like a magnificent blanket spun from the hands of two master weavers from tribes on different ends of the globe.

What you will find inside this insane collab, released by mau5trap, is as expected as it is unexpected. Just by seeing Rezz and Deadmau5 on the song title is enough to know that what they’re going to produce will be nothing short of mesmerizing. Yet, as the song progresses, fans may end up being surprised or pleasantly startled by the oscillating drum patterns and web of synthesizers that combine to create a new and exciting melody. 

As noted, the song carries each of the artist’s trademark sounds in a way that listeners can identify. The driven, haunting basslines Rezz is known for and the epic builds that Deadmau5 has used to eviscerate dance floors come together in an incredibly special way. It’s almost as if Deadmau5’s “Sofi Needs a Ladder” and “Relax” by Rezz were thrown together between two slices of bread and made into an epic songwich.

“I feel like my collab with deadmau5 is an exact split of his sounds and mine, which is a high standard I set before ever sending him an idea.”

– Rezz

Although this may be their greatest of 2021 so far, both Deadmau5 and Rezz have been involved in a string of collaborations throughout the course of this year. The latter releasing a single with PVRIS and Deadmau5 teaming up with Wolfgang Gartner earlier this year.

In addition to the track, the iconic pair also released 4 audio/visual “Hypnocurrency” NFTs which you can find here. Considering fans have been waiting years for this collaboration to come to fruition, it will be interesting to see how this partnership grows. Expect to see a brand new album coming from the Space Mom along with a tour in the very near future. As for Deadmau5, fans can count on him to continue growing and developing the world of production through any means necessary.

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