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Legendary psytrance duo Infected Mushroom unveil 4-track ‘Shroomeez’ EP on Monstercat

The project arrives alongside a revolutionary AI-enabled NFT drop, offering three Shroomeez collections created by digital artist FARGO.

Infected Mushroom have returned to Monstercat for the first time since releasing their album in March. This time, Israel’s best-selling electronic duo have delivered their new four-track EP, Shroomeez. With their unmistakable brand of trippy psytrance on full display, the project ushers in their 25th year as dance music veterans and production virtuosos. From the rock-infused track, “You Wanna Stay,” to the club-ready closer, “Ma Osim,” fans can look forward to the duo’s signature sonic complexities and otherworldly compositions that they’ve come to love since the nineties.

“The Shroomeez EP came to life from the NFT art that was presented to us. We imagined a planet full of mushroom creatures and a mushroom collective. It was super fun writing 4 futuristic trance tracks that will suit a society of shroomeez. Dropping this EP as an entrance to the NFT world is an exciting way to release music in the future and spread the word of Infected Mushroom.”

– Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom’s corresponding Shroomeez NFT drop is a groundbreaking endeavor in the art world, pushing the boundaries of audiovisual tech in their next chapter of innovation. They partnered with experimental artist FARGO, who constructed an AI-enabled algorithm that studied and fused together thousands of mushroom photos with images of faces, nature, and more, carefully monitoring their synergies until each “Shroomee” was created. An AI project of this size and scale has never been released as an NFT before, and this drop will be the largest of its kind in Nifty Gateway’s history.

The first collection offers 100 unique Shroomeez as one-of-one pieces, giving buyers an extremely rare collectible. Each NFT is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, with a max of five Shroomeez purchases per person.

The second collection illustrates four Shroomeez worlds inspired and soundtracked by the four songs on the EP, with 25 NFTs in each world available via raffle. The third and final offering is a single Shroomeez NFT soundtracked by a brand new five-minute unreleased song that only the buyer and Infected Mushroom will ever hear, available via auction.

Infected Mushroom – Shroomeez EP

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