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Minnesota’s paralytic new experimental bass cut will leave you in pure and utter ‘Confusion’

After dropping off yet another exquisite Bicycle Day mixtape back in April, Minnesota (aka Christian Bauhofer) returns to the new music radar with a paralytic new self-release that will turn audiences on their heads.

Just like its title suggests, “Confusion” is a left-field experimental bass cut that takes unexpected twists, dub-heavy turns, and is sure to leave listeners in utter confusion over the wonky sounds they’ve just witnessed. Ripe with precision, intellect, and reverb, this is Minnesota doing what Minnesota does best. In sum, the four-and-a-half-minute track is a playlist mainstay that demands to be put on repeat.

Spending most of his early life in Minnesota, it wasn’t until Bauhofer relocated to Northern California in 2007 where he first discovered the underground electronic music scene via renegade parties that were thrown in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. Combining the styles of classic rock, emo, and screamo that he grew up in, which was heavily influenced by the psychedelic aesthetics of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, with new electronic sounds, Minnesota have carved out a niche for his wildly original sound. All one needs for proof is one listen of “Confusion.”

Minnesota – Confusion

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