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Bicycle Day 420 mixes

Check out these searing Bicycle Day & 420 mixes from Minnesota, Supertask, Smoakland, & more

Every year, Bicycle Day and 420 present the dance music world with a blessing of fiery new mixes for the taking. April 19, the day Albert Hoffman discovered LSD, and April 20, the unofficial annual holiday celebrating cannabis, have each become their own “high holy days” in EDM culture with countless artists coming to the fore to celebrate.

Whether activities like these promote and glorify drug use, permanently tethering the EDM community to rampant drug use, is a much more complex discussion for another day. Numerous studies between drugs and music discuss the relationship as complex. For the purposes of this article, however, it really is all about the music.

From Tipper’s live music gatherings in Suwannee and Supertask’s annual live stream to Minnesota’s yearly mix series, and now Ravenscoon coming out of the mixtape woodworks for Bicycle Day, April 19 represents a “national holiday” for bass heads. Not just because music and drugs go together like peanut butter and jelly, either, according to this scientific study. Brain imaging studies do suggest that taking LSD while listening to music affects the hippocampus, leading to an increase in “musically-inspired visual imagery.”

But these Bicycle Day mixes are full journeys designed to get listeners to think for themselves and question. Whether it’s a freestyle approach like Ravenscoon’s, or a heavy one like Minnesota’s, or Supertask’s deep dive into the psyche (available to re-watch only on Twitch), these three mixes are searing looks into what makes LSD trips— well— LSD trips.

Coming to the fore on April 20, Smoakland and LSDREAM both offer up their 420-friendly mixes. With stoner classics like “Jammin” by Bob Marley, “Welcome to Jamrock” by Damian Marley, DERB vs. Jacob Van Hog, and plenty of heavy cuts mixed in along the way, these are journeys that listeners will want to set up a hammock for and spark up.

Listen to all four mixes below and tell us your favorites over socials!

Minnesota – Bicycle Day Mix Vol. 4

LSDREAM – 4/20 Mix

Ravenscoon -Bicycle Day 2021

Smoakland – Speakerbox Thuggin’ IV

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