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Introducing One Sound: new music production retreat debuts an inclusive and evolutionary artist line-up

As the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel approaches, the ongoing conversation about inclusivity in electronic music is reaching a critical moment. While festivals and shows are beginning to ramp up again, the culture at large has a unique opportunity to ensure that female artists and POC are given a larger slice of the spotlight as live music returns. Women and people of color have long been underrepresented, especially in electronic music, even though black culture began the EDM era in many ways. One Sound, a music production immersion school, is seeking to change that with the reveal of its diverse and inclusive lineup for its newest online retreat.

Taking place from April 23-25, the retreat seeks to unify the two schools that One Sound is based on: Shakti Sound, which has already created a strong, diverse network of women producers and DJs, and Solar Sound, which is aimed at educating male artists in the same holistic way. Together, the two groups have worked towards the common goal of improving male and female relationships in the music industry. In past years, the groups have met in person in various locations around the world, but in 2021 the retreat will be an all-digital, combined effort for students of all genders.

The educational lineup has always been filled with enthusiastic teachers and talented creators, and this year is no exception. Artists like Ahee, Lizzy Jeff, Balkan Bump, David Block (of The Human Experience,) and Living Light will all be sharing their creative prowess with retreat attendees. With a goal of “creating meaningful content that bridges the worlds of musical genres,” One Sound is taking music production education to the next level in a time when information on it is more important than ever.

The words “full expression” and “authenticity” often come up in the discussion surrounding this series of events, and with good reason. The founders and organizers have a clearly defined goal of educating the next generation of music leaders in a thoughtful and heart-forward way.

“Our goal is to make music education accessible, especially to Womxn and BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color), which is why we have diversity scholarships and a very low-cost ticket price for such a comprehensive content-packed educational experience. We aim to give everyone who joins the confidence and the tools they need to start making the music they always dreamed of, or if they’ve already been creating, to take their music production to a Jedi level.”

says Solar Sound founder and One Sound co-founder Robin Liepman, aka Bloom.

Check out the event on Facebook here. Passes for three full days of classes and access to over 60 hours worth of digital educational content are on sale now.

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