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ODESZA’s Foreign Family inks long-overdue deal with Ninja Tune

It seems like just yesterday that ODESZA‘s celebrated imprint, Foreign Family Collective (FFC), was launched. That was actually back in March 2015 and, over the past six years, FFC has become the backbone for upcoming acts looking to gain more exposure, while at the same time giving its artists the freedom to pursue other creative endeavors without feeling tied down.

Now the Seattle-based independent imprint is teaming up with the revered label Ninja Tune in a new partnership, which comes as a long-overdue partnership given how the two entities have worked together so closely to release all of ODESZA’s music. Ninja Tune and Foreign Family have been in close cahoots for several years now, with Ninja Tune helping to release ODESZA’s lauded 2017 release, A Moment Apart, along with their newest BRONSON album and several remix EPs.

In addition to ODESZA’s lauded sonic collection, the newly-inked deal will now see Ninja Tune releasing, promoting, and distributing all of Foreign Family’s catalog. Speaking on the new partnership, ODESZA’s Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight told Billboard the following:

“Historically, Ninja Tune has been at the forefront of a variety of incredibly impactful and new trends and genres in music – an impact and legacy we hope to also have. And at the core, the people that comprise Ninja Tune are, simply put, creatives, innovators and music craves. And we feel an affinity with that.”

– ODESZA’s Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight

The news comes right after Foreign Family Collective released a budding new compilation album, titled Rave.wavs Vol. 1, featuring all-star contributions from Jai WolfKasboChrome SparksSlow MagicMedasin, and many more. With Foreign Family’s new partnership with Ninja Tune, the future certainly looks bright for electronic music’s best indie-minded acts.

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