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rare.wavs vol. 1

Kasbo, Jai Wolf, Medasin, & many more convene for Foreign Family’s new all-star compilation, ‘Rare.wavs, Vol. 1’

What do you get when you combine artists like Jai WolfKasboChrome SparksSlow Magic, Medasin, ford., Chet PorterplukoFakearMEMBA, and more onto one album? A jaw-dropping collaborative effort is what. Out now on ODESZA’s esteemed Foreign Family Collective, it’s as if the label called its heaviest hitters to one place to make a resounding statement. What’s more, the 14-track first install compilation LP is composed entirely of Rare.wavs— making for an exclusive, experimental kind of project.

The producers were given no rules and no themes or boundaries. They were only asked to “release music without expectations” and did they ever deliver. Regardless, all the Rare.wavs tracks come together flawlessly in the sound and style of Foreign Family. From Slow Magic’s synth-laden indie gem, “True,” and Medasin’s glowing landscapes on “Wound Up,” to Robotaki’s “Weed Market” with its elating charm and Kasbo’s hypnotizing beats in “Car_Beat.wav, these patchwork of sounds are stitched together so fluidly. It’s almost effortless how these experimental cuts come into sonic alignment with the collective’s name and mission.

Incredibly authentic, energetic, and wholly inspiring, these are without a doubt the sounds of Foreign Family. The best part is there are more volumes to come. Listen to Rare.wavs, Vol. 1 below to witness the beauty and grace.

Foreign Family Collective – Rare.wavs, Vol. 1

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