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lab group - banshee

Stream the perplexing inaugural single from Lab Group’s incoming debut EP, ‘Banshee’

Featured photo: Tessa Paisan.

Following a huge announcement that Lab Group would be releasing their debut EP, two-thirds of the experimental supergroup have banned together on the project’s inaugural single. Today, June 16, Charlesthefirst and Potions release “Banshee” to preview the incoming extended player.

Stretching the term “experimental” to its farthest limits, “Banshee” is hard to pin down generically— which is exactly where the almost-four-minute cut derives its power and pleasure. The track begins by laying down a mystifying melody as punching drum work, piercing synths, and breakbeat measures overtake the song’s driving melody after the first drop. If one isn’t listening intently, they might even miss the song’s first drop, which seems to be the intention of the artists.

The signature styles of Charlesthefirst and Potions are clear, who wrote, produced, and mastered the track together, but their distinctive creative marks blend into one dynamic offering quite fluidly. As “Banshee” changes tempos midway through the track, it’s all unexpected twists and turns until the last third of the track where light-hearted guitar melodies (care of Potions) drive the track home. No wonder Charlesthefirst previously called the EP ” the most dynamic project [he’s] been involved in.” If “Banshee” is any indication, this is sure to be one hell of a musical triage and one that can’t come soon enough.

Stream “Banshee” below and stay tuned for Lab Group’s debut EP, landing July 1, 2021.

Lab Group – Banshee (CharlestheFirst & Potions)

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