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Let Minnesota take you on a deep, dark rollercoaster ride down to ‘Desolation Peak’

In terms of sheer releases, Minnesota has been on a bit of a hot streak thus far in 2021. Following his release of “Confusion” last month, and a joint track with VCTRE previously, now Christian Bauhofer presents a dark, brooding bass-fueled cut in “Desolation Peak.” Named after his homestate of Minnesota, Bauhofer said the following on writing the track during quarantine:

“I wrote a lot of this track back in November when I spent a week alone at my mom and her wife’s farm in Minnesota. I am so happy to be able to go out, see friends and family, and travel again, but a small part of me is going to miss the isolation that the lockdown forced on us.”

– Minnesota

Just as its titled suggests, “Desolation Peak” is a deep, dark rollercoaster ride straight into the sonic underworld of Bauhofer’s mind. What goes on there only the Santa Cruz-based artist can say, but it’s a world that takes listeners on an introspective journey. The track leads listeners in slowly with melodic overtones, gorgeous highs, and electric guitar riffs that build together to the first drop. From there, listeners are met with a cacophony of glitchey drum patterns, tattered vocal samples that resemble muffled Alan Watts quotes,

Complete with Minnesota’s signature frantic energy and pounding bass, “Desolation Peak” is the third track suspected to be on his forthcoming project, Break The Mold, which currently has a 38-date tour set to run from July 23 to October 9.

Stream “Desolation Peak” now and see if Minnesota is coming to a city near you on his Break The Mold tour. Tickets are available here.

Minnesota – Desolation Peak

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