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Scruba Dub - Wubaholics premiere

synthe and goldwire reunite on slippery free-form bass cut that throws out the rulebook, ‘Scruba Dub’ [Premiere]

The boys are back in town! Having already released together previously on SpicyBois, MorFlo Records, and Wubaholics, the underground bass projects of synthe (Steven Dady) and goldwire (Justin Owens) have spent the past year collaborating closely. They’ve managed to rack up four tracks together in that time span. So while the two solo artists are still technically in their own lanes, they might as well be a duo to the unsuspecting fan. After all, what is it they always say? Don’t mess with a good thing.

Now the two underground bass purveyors return to Wubaholics for their fifth joint release, and their second on the label following last year’s “Kitchen Sink,” which CE is proud to be premiering today, June 23. Now making its noticeable entrance into the underground bass repertoire comes “Scruba Dub,” synthe and goldwire’s newest journey into the sonic laboratory of deep experimentation, exploratory frequencies, and boisterous waveforms. This one will truly test one’s definition of what electronic music should sound like— which has always been the pair’s aim as boundary-breaking experimentalists.

Ripe with drippy wubs, slippery tones, gooey basslines, and mushy measures, “Scruba Dub” plays out exactly as it sounds. True to its title in every regard, the two-and-half-minute track is marked by crisp, clean sound design and expert free form production. Beginning with mellow melodies, dial tone samples, and broken beat percussion, the song enters its first drop with all the dribbly glitch-hop of an uptempo Tipper track, before delving into an all-out cacophony of symphonic synth-laden bass where the rules do not apply.

The idea for the track came after synthe’s 21st birthday in his stomping grounds of Nashville, which goldwire came out to celebrate. Needless to say, the two came out of the weekend energized and inspired: “We couldn’t resist making another track together. I’m so happy with the result,” synthe told CE.

“‘Fresh off Steven’s 21st banger in Nashville, we ended up back at the studio the next day finding ourselves inspired and within an hour had the base idea for our track. We finished it off the following day and we couldn’t be happier with it.”

– goldwire

Wildly experimental, and highly subversive in terms of thwarting typical musical production, “Scruba Dub” hits the mark for any underground bass head who remains hellbent on absorbing cutting-edge sound design that’s unadulterated fun and challenges the norm. synthe and goldwire know the rules and they respect them— and yet throw them completely out the window.

synthe & goldwire – Scruba Dub [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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